Natural Skin Care – Dermatology for beginners

The quality of the skin reflects our lifestyle. Try not to neglect their diet, give your body a rest and regular skin care. Remember to keep drinking regime – at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day, “advises Dr. Dermatology and Dendrology.

Tatiana Parlous, an expert on skin care and whole body center of dermatome veneers logchip eloign.

If even after a good sleep, which was preceded by a careful treatment of the skin, swollen and wake up at you from the mirror regularly looks dull and tired face, it is time to reassess your drinking regime and greatly increase your intake of fluids Natural Skin Care

Remember – with every sip of water that your body treats yourself, your skin more beautiful, healthier and more radiant.
SOS: dried skin after summer

Although summer is the most beautiful time of year brings with it many pitfalls for the skin, with which many of us fighting over the next autumn months.

The dried skin exposed to the sunlight and dry, reacts very sensitively, which you can feel and touch. UV rays can penetrate neatly into individual layers of the skin where damage collagen and elastic fibers.

This causes premature aging and loss of its elasticity Skin Care

Without special care and support in the form of quality cosmetics, moisturizing masks and finally sufficient supply of suitable liquids nick mineral coach even in the form of natural spring water with impaired quality of body and facial skin can regenerate itself.

With correct drinking regime sufficiently to drink our skin mastering the fundamentals of correct drinking regime is only a matter of habit and our health’s worth a little effort!